Working from home: fun yet difficult

Due to COVID a lot of companies have had to switch gears and find ways to make things work while their employees work from home. Working from home can be difficult for people like you cant focus on your job and there are millions of different reasons.

This may have been a good idea considering that we are applying the social distancing methods to be safe. However, It is to be seen how various company’s management takes this and how does it affect the work protocol. so now it’s time we look into how is working from home experience is for most people and weigh the pros and cons.

how is working from home desktop
how is working from home desktop

Some may think that working from home may make people lazy. However, the results worldwide show that the productivity of each employee is increasing due to working from home.

Sweden’s example:

We have examples of Sweden where all the Swedish companies are required by the law to have only 6 working hours a day. This also has strict guidelines of no social media for the 6 hours. However, the productivity of all the employees has gone up and the government has officially imposed this rule. This negates the Pakistani policy where working hours are nearly more than 12 especially working from home.

The day never ends:

There isn’t a thing called day end, people start working at random times, such as 9 or 10 am till 8 or 9 pm. Causing the days to be longer than ever.

Improvement in productivity

Yet productivity is going up. This calls for a serious rethinking on part of the government and the companies as to what kind of rules must be implemented once the work from home and social distancing settle down.

Work from home is fun:

Most of my close friends and family members love the leisure of working from home. Since it offers a chance to not only relax but also catch up on some extra sleep.

Companies scrambling to hold employees accountable:

Meanwhile, the management is trying to find ways to create serious accountability measures. To ensure that all the teams are actively working and following the office protocols.

Personally, I would like to see what happens when the social distancing ends and people start going back to work. How would it affect their mental health and the workflow is yet to be seen.

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