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Ways of Living a simple life and being happy

We all want to surround ourselves with the best things in life. Everything that is a physical shiny object is what we run after, but the sad part is, it is just material after all. What we do not realize is at the core of ourselves, we have a soul. What do have in your heart? Are you feeding your soul the things it needs to survive? So instead of focusing all our efforts on gaining material wealth why not focus on living a simple life and doing good for those who need it.

A healthy relationship with your soul is something that is often replaced by our obsession for material gains. We often reject the soul’s needs and requirements to gain material wealth.

Material gain versus soul’s food:

Material wealth is after all just material and will vanish one day. At the end of the day, you end up getting draped in a white cloth and laid to rest six feet under the ground. Where none of your prized possessions can go with you and you are all alone.

All your material gains are left on your dressers and wardrobes. And the difficult task of managing your things is left for your family to take care of. And as expected most family members struggle to give away their possessions and clothes. instead, they keep hoarding it for memories sake. Again this all has nothing to do with your journey in the afterlife. Everything you owned is now in the hands of your relatives.

coins that grow and coins in a jar that is merely being accumulated living a simple life
coins that grow and coins in a jar that is merely being accumulated

Meanwhile what you do take with you is your soul and the nourishment and the wealth you gave to your soul. All things in moderation is a moto we should all follow. Of course, we cannot stop earning money as we have to live and sustain and we have to feed our loved ones as well. Meanwhile our soul has its needs too, it gets nourishment from our good deeds and prayers. Hence, we must not forget to nourish it.

Nourish your soul:

Similar to our body our soul desires nourishment too, to survive. In my opinion people, these days have completely forgotten that a soul lives inside their bodies. And that soul is the one that is going to stand in front of God one day and be answerable for all the things you did in your life. As someone who has gained this perspective in life, I intend to give my soul a standing chance to represent me well on the day of judgment.

Everything in moderation:

However, I don’t intend to make the point to stop earning money. Of course, one should have enough of it to get by. But one shouldn’t run after it or make it their sole purpose in life.

I always believe when there’s a need for money, He provides. He knows our needs better than us. So when we don’t worry about money and leave it up to him to provide us, He does.

However, with money, you should always try your best to earn. Believing in God to provide us with money is not a replacement for working hard or finding opportunities.

Work Hard to earn and invest in your afterlife:

Hard work always has to be there. If you sit back and don’t try to find any decent jobs and wait around for a job offer to land in your lap you will never. You have to seek the opportunity and earn it. But becoming obsessed with accumulating wealth is what damages your soul.

Working hard to attain money is important but making it a life purpose is greed. Also when He gives you more than you need that in itself is a test that you need to pass. when you earn more than you require, He is testing you to see how do you spend the wealth that He has bestowed upon you.

Earn and give back:

Some of us reinvest that money in properties and banks, while the real investment needs to be done in people. Give to different charities and people in need to invest in your afterlife.

Less money in the bank and more for charity. Less accumulation of material goods and more giving away.


As the quote above says showing stuff you have is not the goal of life. You have been blessed with one life. And all you are going to do is gather things to show off. Is that your life purpose? No.

I believe not.

Living a simple life in a modern world and being happy:

It’s a kind of inner satisfaction, happiness, and a feed for your soul. It strengthens your faith and makes your life more abundant.

Life is about balance. So a healthy balance simple living and keeping up with the modern world is what will make your life abundant with all the wealth of the world and the afterlife.

Feed your soul and make steps towards living a simpler life. Your mind will be at peace with your decisions and you will find peace in your heart as well.

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