Trying to stay happy and positive

Celebrating my birthday by taking a walk in the sun and letting myself breathe in the fresh air in course of trying to stay happy
Birthday Gal

Trying to stay happy is the perfect phrase to express my emotions on my birthday. Being happy for your birthday is the one thing people enjoy the most. we all love the parties, the going out and dinners, etc. Everything to do with birthdays is so much fun. Yet, there can be days and moments when your birthday becomes hard to enjoy.

Trying to be happy:

Or you lose the excitement over time. This is what has happened to me. I still do dress up and take a selfie or two to remember the day. but there isn’t much going on. a dinner with the family and some wishes from friends.

But over the past 2 years, I’ve lost interest in celebrating my own birthday. And that in itself is very disappointing for me. Hence I title this post trying to stay happy.

However, interestingly enough I love celebrating other people’s events and I want to make it the best moment of their lives. However, I really do not care about celebrating things anymore for myself. And I don’t care about my own birthday as much as I care about other people’s events.

I don’t know if this is a good attribute to have or a bad one. Either way, if it makes the people around me happy I am happy. And that’s what it’s all about. keeping the people around you happy with yourself and in their own lives as well.

Enjoy life:

Do your best to stay happy and don’t let others kill your mood. Find things that amuse you and put your best foot forward to accomplish your tasks and enjoy every moment in life. You will face obstacles in life and some days they will bring you down and make you sad. But you must learn that you cannot spend your whole life sadly. You must pick up yourself after a sad day and experience the sadness to let the emotions go and move on. Change your perspective about being sad and move on.

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7 months ago

Happy Birthday! I hope you found lots to be happy about today.

7 months ago

Belated birthday wishes Mehreen. Hope you had a happy one. Well articulated post. Happiness is a choice we all have to constantly choose. ❣️

Daisy Willows
4 months ago

Really great blog ….
I’ll defo be reading more of your posts . Xx take care

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