stop falling in love with the wrong guy

Stop falling for the wrong guy using 6 proven methods!

Have you ever been attracted to the wrong guy? Someone you know things will never work out with? You keep running back to them despite signals from nature and the Maker, telling you to stop. You can’t stop the feelings bubbling inside you. The feelings that once start to bubble, you can’t help but feel attracted by even the lamest traits? So here are 6 tried and tested methods to stop falling for the wrong guy.

Stop falling for the wrong guy

Here are some tried and tested easy ways to set boundaries and stop falling for the wrong guy!

Notice Things you dislike about them:

No one is perfect even your soul mate, yeah I said that, so try to find the things that annoy you about them. The way they misspell things or the way they say a few annoying phrases. Notice things that you feel like “These things I can adjust with”. NO! No, why should you stoop down to their level? Instead of training them, shouldn’t you find someone who can match your stride?

sad woman and 6 mothods to not fall for the wrong guy notice things that you dislike about them, recognize patterns, set boundaries, maintain your standard , mind management , shift focus
6 methods to not fall for the wrong guy

Recognize the patterns:

Recognize behaviors, understand when the conversations are being led in a different direction. Learn to steer the conversation to common ground and do not let them get personal. Check and double-check yourself, don’t get too cozy too as it’s an error made by a lot of us. Learn how to friend-zone the guy or gal to make sure you don’t let things get too cozy. It is key to keep an eye on the conversations and keep them light to ensure how not to fall for the wrong guy!

Set Boundaries:

You have to set some serious boundaries. Because of the society around us, that is running without boundaries. Which makes life for people like us very difficult. Try to inform them very early on in the relationship. This will allow them to understand your limitations and they will accept to abide by them. Additionally, keep re-iterating yourself to ensure that there isn’t any confusion.

Maintain your standard:

Realize that you are better than them and make sure they know it too, in the most subtle calm way. Put forward those attributes that set you apart from the typical lot. Be your True Self Never for anyone hide the REAL YOU.

Mind Management:

Manage your thought process, understand that when you are attracted to someone it’s an infatuation. And there isn’t any real connection there, which means you need to not think about it. Try to limit interaction with this person.  Less Engagement means less attraction. Keep an eye out for a pickup line, in which case refrain from responding with light banter. Convey in a very clear tone that this behavior is unacceptable. Another cool way to manage your mind is by meditation, I have written a post on how to meditate and you can read that by clicking here.

Shift Focus:

Think and re-think about where you can use your energy better, Throw yourself into work or hobbies. Prioritize your life goals as the most important thing that matters to you. Try to play games and download interesting apps that are more exciting for you.

Stop falling in love with the wrong guy:

These are some methods that may work in this awkward situation. What matters the most is you do not stoop down to other people’s standards and maintain your own and hold your own well. This will be beneficial for your own mental health and wellbeing. Do share your methods down below in the comments.

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