Practice Self-love and learn to love yourself

Being someone who suffers from an identity crisis a lot, I can assure you that it is important to know oneself. I have truly struggled with accepting the real me. This is why I find it critical to write an article about how to practice self-love and learn to love yourself.

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Practice self love and learn to love yourself

To be able to appreciate your own identity you must know who you are. What kind of image do you portray and who do you want to be in the future. To understand yourself you must first understand what’s beneath all the layers. Your personality traits and your goals in life.

Life goals:

One of the most common questions people ask is, where do you see yourself in x number of years? And to impress the interviewer we often answer hopefully working with you for the next 5 years on a managerial level position.

How wrong is that statement?

We cannot plan our life as per our desires. Life happens to us. We experience different things as life moves on sometimes good, sometimes bad. All we can do is try to make the best out of every possible situation. We only have the ability to push forward and try to be my best version of myself, for the people around me. The rest of it lies in the hands of the creator.

The best we can do is set some goals that we think we can achieve in some given time. with time everything starts to move in its own flow.

Set goals such as:

  1. Find a reliable income source.
  2. Try to be a good human being
  3. Recognize your bad habits and tackle them one by one.
  4. Try to eat healthy
  5. Start reciting or praying more.
  6. Be more confident

Trust yourself:

You must trust yourself and know that you can and will succeed if you own your truth. Trust in the fact that the goals that you have set for yourself are not only achievable but under your control. Life events cannot interfere with that. Hence, why it’s important to set goals that solely depend on you gearing up to achieve them.

Personality traits:

To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness – by Robert Marley

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You can’t always be perfect or right. Like everyone else around us, you also have good traits and bad traits. Let’s for the sake of argument not call them bad traits rather use the word quirks. Everyone has personality quirks. Even our beloved celebrities have them, but they can get away more of the time as most of their audiences are very forgiving while some of them face ruthless criticism every step of the way. So try to recognize your own personality quirks and make a goal to fix them.

Learn to love yourself:

How to be the real you completely depends upon you. Stand strong and stand tall at all times. You are who you are and you must not change for the world. Try to be as real as possible. Present the best version of yourself. You are answerable to yourself only so try to be better and improve yourself for your own sake.

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