New job and the start of a new journey

New Job and Mental Health – podcast included

First of all, I want to make an overdue apology for being too lazy not to post. I wasn’t in the mind space and frankly had no idea what to post. So let this blog linger and didn’t come back to it until I mustered up the courage to record a podcast. I am still using Achor for my podcasts. so if they are unavailable to you let me know how to help you gain access. Now that the apology is out of the way it’s time to talk about a New job and Mental health.

New Job new Horizons:

So on the 25th of April, I joined a company called Nishat Chunian Ltd. It was the last week of Ramzan and I was pretty depleted in every sense of the word. I however went regularly for 28 days Tomorrow marks my 29th day in the company. Funnily enough for 28 days I just sat around with no work. Nobody bothered to guide me or even tell me what is going on. Even the people around me the other employees would come up to me and ask me why are you free? I had no response. so I just said we just have to wait and watch.

4 month long rant Life Inside The Box

It's been 4 months since I have not been recording these podcast and I just wanted to say that I have been going through some stuff and I wanted to get it out and this is the perfect platform to do it so if you want to listen to this and feel like you can share your stories as well feel free to share yours and let me know what you think and this is not a pity party I just wanted to share my current mind set and that's all thank you so much

Whatever you may think of the above paragraph getting integrated into the system, it is a great deal. I have been struggling to do all kinds of content writing gigs and whatnot to scrounge up the money. Well, not scrounge up, content writing is a hobby so that is why I earned pretty well. Regardless of the perspective of my New job and mental health. This is one of the biggest things I have to catch you all upon. Nishat Chunian Ltd is a huge name in the industry and I am lucky to be part of it. The work is difficult but challenging I guess.

Physical Health and Mental Health:

My health has been turbulent, to say the least in the past weeks. From continuous stomach bugs to throat infections and migraine that lasted me longer than a month. The pain, let me tell you were real. It was so bad. I couldn’t do anything. the only thing that helped for being in the dark and sleeping. And I hate dark, or full darkness, so that is messy. Maybe a few candles here and there would have made a difference in hindsight. Regardless, I am still struggling with a lot of mental health issues that are not visible externally. These issues are just internal mind management and support-based scenarios. I will be posting a blog and podcast on mental health so this was just the gist.

Starting a New Job in a new industry:

It genuinely scared me so much and I thought of the worst-case scenarios leading up to the date of joining. However, I can tell you that it’s not that hard. Yes, a new profession that you do not have any expertise in pushes you out of your comfort zone.

Here is the thing I have a few blog posts planned so I don’t want to talk too much here.

My planned content doesn’t have podcasts yet so I am holding off on posting this one until I do. Along with that, I want to write other career-oriented posts and personal life struggles posts as well. All of that is in the making so stick around and we shall soon get to it.

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4 months ago

All the best for the new job.

4 months ago

Sounds like you have lots of great things coming up. Continue to care for yourself. ❤️

Obong eno
4 months ago

Congrats on getting there new job, and you gonna do great
Nice blog🥰

Akriti Pandya
3 months ago

Good luck for new beginnings.

Taha Intazar
Taha Intazar
11 days ago

I am 19 yrs old and I am so depressed these days having tears in my eyes

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