My first podcast ever

My first podcast ever is here!

Hello, lovely people of the world. I have been wanting to start a podcast for a very long time. And thanks to WordPress reader I found someone who did a podcast on her channel. That got me really excited and now I have recorded my first podcast ever.

It is a small one but I think it gets the message across. My reason for pursuing podcasts is that when I think allowed everything and my intuition sort of guides me to different areas and topics randomly.

However, I promise I will stick to just one topic per podcast. but the experience of recording my voice was very interesting. Wanna know why?

Fear of public speaking

It even has a medical term that is “glossophobia”. I am an MBA and BBA Hons graduate and yet my fear of public speaking is haunting me.

I fear people listen to my horrible voice and ridicule me. But still, I really wanted to give it a good go. Now that I have a little more self-confidence and self-love

I desperately want this blog to perform well and be my place of serenity and a form of catharsis, I decided to dabble a little in the podcast realm.

my first podcast - podcast announcement
Podcast announcement

My first podcast:

Let’s be honest a newbie podcast recorder can not pull it off in just one go. I fear that calling myself a podcaster might be a little too soon. Hence I wrote “podcast recorder”. Typical me, constantly scared of what people might think. This behavior however will change and I am working on myself to become confident and sure of myself.

The one is no longer than 3 minutes but it covers a lot about me. and I intended to keep it that way.

I don’t believe a podcast on WordPress should be longer than 5 minutes. Either way, I did do my best in making myself sound nice and your suggestions on how to improve the quality are more than welcome.

Topics and subjects:

I intend to approach my Instagram following and ask them what do they want to hear about. I also have a large audience on Facebook so I will be seeking their help as well. However, based on the content that is already available on the blog you can imagine what the topics will be about.

Along with that, your comments on the blog posts will also be taken into consideration for future content. I hope I can spread a message of positivity and spread good vibes!

Here’s the podcast, please enjoy and please please please leave your feedback in the comments.

Introductory podcast
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7 months ago

Yes, I can now comment.

7 months ago

I love your content..looking forward to your other podcasts..more power to you ❤

Jeff Flesch
7 months ago

Wonderful introductory podcast, Mehreen. I look forward to listening to more. Self love is so important, I’m so happy to learn that this has been a focus for you this last year. Wishing you many blessings on a beautiful week.

Jeff Flesch
7 months ago
Reply to  admin

You’re most welcome. Always.

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