life, mental health and giving back

Life, mental health, and giving back to people

Life is not just about living like a robot, we have a brain. I have come to find out that I always keep whining about the things that did not go right. Now my mindset has started to change. I’ve started considering the people around me. Because life is so complicated for everyone around us, no one has a perfect life. We all have our trials and tribulations, and the problem is we let these trials and tribulations get to our minds and ruin our peace. hence I wanted to talk about life, mental health, and giving back.

Life, mental health, and giving back:

We all see those posts on the internet, where it is said to give back to others and you shall receive but do we? that is the question! Not really. and if you think about it you do not have to give someone monetarily only. The most precious time is the most essential thing in our lives and that is the one thing we can give to someone to make them feel special. Lending someone your time and choosing to spend time with someone shows them that you cared enough to actually be there for the person who needs it. Not only that you could actually also lend your shoulder to cry on or your ears where you listen to the person and let them vent out. There are so many ways we can be helpful to others yet we never even consider one of them.

I spoke about this in my podcast you can listen below:

Mental health issues and tranquility Life Inside The Box

Talking about how my mental health journey went and how I learned to find tranquility.

Do you know why?

Because we have started to take our own lives and our own problems so seriously that other people’s problems fade in front of them. This is the reason most of us do not know what other people are experiencing in their lives. Instead, we focus on what will happen in my future? What sources of income can I explore? How can I make more money? Our mind is constantly thinking about the future rather than considering the moments we have right now.

And it’s said that giving back never fails you it always comes back to you threefold. today you may offer support to someone. Someday that same person may be your support when you need them the most. so focus on the people around you and be grateful for what you have and try to lend them anything you possibly can because they may need it without even knowing that they need it.

Mental health:

in the case of mental health, there is always going to be a negative thought process that will keep bothering you. from being too feeble or weak or poor to not being successful enough and whatnot. Negative thoughts are a part of life. What is not a part of life in our current world are the good thoughts and the positive thoughts are the things that we should talk about and focus our energies on. It is important to always remember to look around you and see how many troubles people have to face in their lives and how blessed we are. This is the only way our mental health can actually be stable enough to let us live, and be of help to others.

So do good, think good and be good. Clicking this link will give you an insight into me and who I am.


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2 months ago

What an important message. Giving people your time and showing empathy to others is vital. I’ve learned it’s also very important to put up clear boundaries on how much you are willing to give without reciprocations and when to walk away.

2 months ago
Reply to  admin

You have to be super careful of those kinds of people. I’m 45 and it’s really only been the last few years I’ve been able to set really clear boundaries around who I’ll allow into my inner circle.

2 months ago
Reply to  admin

You are ahead of me! Keep going and growing 🙂

Daisy Willows
2 months ago

Very true words. So many folk think mental health is an illness ! And the truth is we all have mental health – it just goes up & down on a continuum…
It’s hard to not put so much pressure on ourselves to he perfect.
It play a havoc with my own mind and emotions…
Self care is something more people need to really take on board and learn the meaning ..
I’m still.learning too. And self care can always lead to over indulgence ( not so good for our being) just as over doing things or trying to be the unattainable perfect person to please other people..

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