Life and hapiness thought processes

Life and Happiness thought processes

I want to start by apologizing for not posting yesterday. But before we do that let me tell you what to expect in this podcast. As you can tell by the name, it addresses some deep-rooted life and happiness thought processes. I apologize for the rants part but the good thing about this one is that every single aspect that I discussed leads to the same point.

4 month long rant Life Inside The Box

It's been 4 months since I have not been recording these podcast and I just wanted to say that I have been going through some stuff and I wanted to get it out and this is the perfect platform to do it so if you want to listen to this and feel like you can share your stories as well feel free to share yours and let me know what you think and this is not a pity party I just wanted to share my current mind set and that's all thank you so much

SOOOO, long story short I had a fracture in my left foot a couple of years ago and clumsy me twisted my ankle of guess what the same foot. So naturally, I was in bed in a lot of pain. I, however, did not stop posting and recording.

Added to that we had a couple of gatherings and social events planned this week so naturally, I couldn’t help myself and wore a heel. Nice One Mehreen!

The story doesn’t end here, I ended up having a very high fever last night and my family was stressed, I was crying, no idea why. And hence chaos. But thanks to the love and care of my family, I am back on my feet and getting better. Well, not literally back on my feet because the foot still hurts ALOT.

Either way, life moves on. So I decided to write down this post and give a pretext or context to what caused the one-day absence and the depth in the podcast.

Truth be told I was feeling very low already when I recorded this one and then the added pressure of socializing and visiting was just too much for me and I think I collapsed.

Listen and think!

The idea behind this podcast is to touch upon all these topics and make people think about these aspects. We often don’t think about such things and this will help you find that place in your mind and space to figure things out.

I am not trying to be preachy, or motivational speaker-ish, I am honestly just speaking from a personal perspective. As you may have already read in the above section I wasn’t doing the best in the past week. So my state of mind was not to preach but to talk and highlight some of my own faults so people if resonating with it can reflect upon themselves and consider these things.

Life and happiness thought processes

It is about finding that perfect balance and space in your head and understanding your own needs. Prioritizing yourself over others sometimes and considering what you need. This makes this podcast even more important than ever. Find your life and happiness thought processes because that is the only way you will find peace inside.

Feel free to leave comments and fill in the contact form if you so desire.

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