Late Night Whims

I wasn’t looking for comfort. No! I am not looking for support. It is not clear to me what is it that I need at the moment exactly. Throwing myself into Netflix watching shows one after the other not finding the solace I’m looking for. However, No matter how many shows you watch at the end of the day you are back in your reality with no escape. This is the time when your mind starts playing the late-night whims and doesn’t let you go to sleep.

Social media jungle for late night whims

Just wandering in the jungle of social media to fill the hole that is inside me. A hole that has become enormous with time. Nothing at all, fills it. I don’t think an answer exists to the question I am asking.

LOL!. The question.

The question, I suppose to find an answer you need to have a good question in mind, where as i don’t have one. What is the universe up to where is it leading me?

Where is my life headed?

Where am I in the circle of life?

That keeps spinning and makes my head all woozy from spinning.

Why have my spirit guides disappeared? Where did my angels go?

Why aren’t they listening or responding?

All these thoughts and questions going through my mind each night, make me miserable and unable to sleep.

Draining thoughts – late night whims

These thoughts draining my energy and disarming me every minute of my life. No, I am not depressed or may be i am, who knows.

I think I’m confused because of the way life is moving around us. It is really unsure where we will end be being in some years to come. No one knows the end of these difficult times.

Late Night Whims
Late Night Whims

Late night thoughts can be hard to digest but we must adjust and continue to persevere


What we know is perseverance. Only perseverance is something that can help us be where we want to be. Carrying on with the day. Holding your baggage tightly to your chest. The only thing we have left of ourselves is our baggage. So why not embrace that and know that there is going to be a better morning and you will rise to the top.

Persevere to conquer the late-night whims. To be better than ever. You don’t need a great job or a great financial background to know you’ll get there. What you need to know and have the ability to stand on your own two feet with the knowledge that you have learned. You will persevere if you trust in your own abilities. You are unique and there are so many things that make you different from others and you need to recognize your own beauty.

Take ownership of your life and let the world talk. Dream big and be who you desire to be. If and only if you are willing to go through the grind of hard work, only then you will succeed. Finding something that you are great at and working your way through your troubles and submitting to hard work.

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