how to tackle insomnia using meditation

How to tackle insomnia using meditation podcast included

I’ve been awake most of my life. Unable to sleep and suffering from acute insomnia. Unlike most insomniacs, my insomnia never caused me to be late for work or college. On the contrary, waking up early on a normal workday, was never a problem, which ensued the question. Today I discuss how to tackle insomnia using meditation.

Tackle insomnia using meditation:

According to WebMD, which is the most reliable resource on the internet, claims that there are two types of insomnia, first is primary and secondary. Primary Insomnia is not related to any health issue, meanwhile, secondary insomnia is related to a multitude of health issues including mental health. One of the causes of Insomnia, which I cannot ignore is Restless legs Syndrome, which I kid you not, can be found in my Google search history on a regular basis, along with Depression, Anxiety, and Stress.

Hypnotherapy and meditation for sleeping

While all of the above may be true and may apply to me and many others perturbed by the beast that is Insomnia, there is another very key component, that doesn’t let us fall asleep and that is our Imagination.

I discussed my imaginations in detail in the podcast here, do listen if you are interested to learn more.

Especially our inability to let go and fall asleep. The internet is abundant with ideas and hypnotherapy or guided meditations that help you fall asleep & let go.

However, as someone who has been using these apps for the past couple of years, I can confirm, that after some time your brain catches up to you. Consequently, my subconscious learned that “Hypnotherapy makes you go to sleep, hence it’s best not be affected by it”. Instead, my brain brings all the horrid fears, buried deep into my subconscious to the conscious level, making it unbelievably difficult to sleep.

Sitting casually and enjoying myself click here to learn about me

The story behind my Imagination

My vivid imagination isn’t something that came into my life as I grew up. In fact, it was a creation of my childhood self, who was a vivacious person, charismatic, talkative, confident, and a little crazy. That person lives and breathes in my quiet place, the night. The depths of my imagination come to life as I hit the bed. Not because I’m an insomniac but because I’m an Over Energetic Crazy person. Someone who wants to do all the crazy things that people are doing around the world. That’s where I’m the single girl traveling the world. Performing Umrah, getting married in a beautiful gown, and being the most amazing and successful writer in the world. That’s the life I live for a couple of hours intended for sleeping.

Meanwhile, the woman who is trying to sleep is just cursing, tossing, and turning. While the Restless Legs Syndrome takes over and the Stress and Anxiety peak to their highest causing heartburn and acid reflux.

Live your life without looking back

This makes me realize that life isn’t just about doing what needs to be done and following the rules. As time passes I’ve come to realize that the time behind me is gone forever. Hence, do what that crazy person inside you wants to do. Go watch a movie alone or go to a spa, relax a day whichever way you like. Do what makes you happy or what your other self would do to stay happy or feel some sense of peace inside of you.

Be more creative and enjoy each moment because when you don’t, that’s exactly when the stress takes over. If you start doing anything that gives you satisfaction you will not have to suffer from heartburn and Restless legs because these diseases are stress-related. If you achieve some of the goals your inner self wants to achieve, you’ll be able to let go. And slowly it will provide enough satisfaction to let sleep take over.

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