how to respond to an insult

How to respond to an insult?

I am the biggest coward if you have ever met one. I am scared of all kinds of confrontations and I scare easily and I have no idea how to respond to an insult. Not something you want to put online. But it is true. I have no clue how it happened and how I turned into such a big Ms. Coward. But the fact is if you know what buttons to push you can easily push me over.

This mentality belongs to a lot of people around us. Knowingly or unknowingly we make use of these tools to demoralize or demean other people. This practice is not only damaging to the person’s mental health but also causes them to lose self-esteem over time.


You are basically shattering the person’s confidence to ever speak up. Right or wrong, one should have the ability to voice their opinion. However, in our society, it has become easy to quiet the voice of a girl and not pay attention to them.

This generally is seen in offices and professional environments, I agree that women these days are rising to the top and taking on senior leadership roles in most companies. However, for someone who joins a company, there is always the threat of being considered an incompetent person and being demeaned.

I speak from personal experience of course.

girl embarrassed how to respond to insults

What do you do when your co-worker tries to demean you in front of the whole office or even over Skype?

How to respond to an insult?

This question has been burning in my head for quite some time now. And I have found the key to resolution. Do you want to know what it is?

It’s very simple. When you face a situation like this, instead of going into your shell and blaming yourself for being stupid and inadequate.

You need to take a stand. Remember and recognize your own power.

recognize your power how to respond to an insult
recognize your power

No one is going to come to you and tell you how brave and strong you are. You need to realize these things from within. Hence when in a situation like this. Do not hassle, think your answer carefully, and plan out what needs to be said.

Your tone and voice of the message you convey will play a huge role in determining how the other person takes it. Answering a demeaning message with an angry, flustered, and unstructured response will not lead you anywhere.

Think before you speak

Hence map out what needs to be said, be polite and considerate while being stern on your principle. Hard to understand, isn’t it? Well, I studied mass communication in my marketing studies and there was a trick to delivering bad news. You open the message with a pleasantry and then deliver the bad news and then close with a pleasant message.

What you did here was you sandwiched your bad message between two good messages. This way the person reading will not feel the hit of the message as much as they would have if you had delivered a confrontational direct message.

Hence when writing or communicating with someone try to think about what needs to be said and what is relevant to the reader. What would make them feel better and what will make them feel disgraced. As your purpose shouldn’t be to demean the person but to correct them where they are wrong.

learn how to respond to an insult
learn how to respond to an insult

Now when in an awkward situation, take your time, train your mind to respond quickly, and understand the premise of the message.

After this, you will be able to take any situation hands-on and will be able to deliver a well-thought-out and structured message that doesn’t have to be apologetic, it has to be stern and respectful. Those are the keywords: stern yet respectful.

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