How to let go of fear

It is time to let go of fear

Of the worries and fears

Its time to let go

Of those holding you back

Its time to move on

Let the past be in the past

Move along

Slowly and faintly

Taking every step carefully

As you can’t step out of your dwellings

In a day or so

It takes time.

Of letting your fears go

But now I know its time

Its time to move on

Let bygones be bygones

And move forward in life

May the earth and the water

The sun and the moon.

Shine their light upon my way.

As I graduate to a new me.

I will not let the lingering feelings.

Of those who left me.

To hold me back any longer:

I step ahead one foot ahead of another.

And I pace slowly.

As I know that in the end.

There will be happiness and joy.

As we have to move forward.

Life doesn’t end.

It keeps moving.

So learning to keep up with the pace

And knowing when to

Hold up the grace

Is what keeps me going

I know people think about me

I am weak, I am not worthy

But I can tell you what I know

And that’s there is no one worthy

In this world of the things we have

We are all just living with what He blesses us with

So why should I not

I depend on Him to guide my path

My faith is strong

And passion for life ignited

I know what I have to do

And so I shall do

I will move on

And let bygones be gone…

As is time to go and move on.

its time to let go of fear and live in the now
Live in the NOW and let go of fear

So Live in the moment

And move past your anxieties

And dare to be the person you always

Wanted to be


How to let go of fear: 

it’s important to understand that we all fear a lot of things. Nothing is in our control. Our tendency to manage everything makes us lose control completely. Hard to understand, isn’t it? 

Well, the simple thing is if you keep planning and fearing you cannot live your life fully. Hence the quote about “all we have is now” means a lot. If you start reliving the past or imagining the future. You will lose all the exciting things that you have in your life. Present-day is the most important thing and in our pursuit to understanding what comes next, we lose the joy we can experience in the present. 

So let loose and enjoy your life in the present moment.  

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