How to find your Passion in Life

Trying to find your passion in life can be a difficult task. Society puts so much pressure on children to know exactly what they are supposed to do and be when they grow up.

My imagination is so strong that it took me on different adventures all through my life which made me unsure of what I really wanted to do in life. Regardless of all the imaginations, the one thing I always circled back to was writing. And after many many years in life, I have finally found a way to voice my thoughts and feelings.

With so much going on in life the question of how to find your passion in life still remains to be answered.

And that’s what we will do in this blog post!

How to find your passion in life?

Finding your passion is such a cliche I know. but I stand by it. Knowing what you love to do makes you push hard to do it better every single day.

In my case, I was able to find the thing I love through a very long and difficult process. However, now I know, what I am passionate about. Following your dreams can sometimes be opposed by the people near you and the path to choosing your passion over what everyone else thinks is good for you, can be difficult. The voice inside you and people around you will always stop you from taking the difficult route and will tell you to take the easy way out.

However, what most people find hard to acknowledge is that if you do not challenge yourself by taking the difficult route. The journey to finding your passion will not be an easy one and you will have to give it your whole self. However, once you do find your passion in life you will be able to enjoy life in a different way.

Easy ways to finding your passion:

Here are some easy ways to help you understand how to find your passion in life:

  1. Make a list of all the things you love to do
  2. Try each of them for a week
  3. Make a checklist, that rates each tasks on doability
  4. Perform the tasks for a week continously
  5. See which task you are able to repeat without feeling irritable

Based on the results drawn from your text checklist, you can now find a task you can perform on a regular basis.

These are some of the things that will help you understand what do you truly love to do and can do for the rest of your life passionately.

Make SMART Goals:

Based on your checklist you can now begin to work on your passion and make achievable, SMART goals. This practice will help you turn your passion into something that can earn you something and make you happy as well.

It requires a lot of persistence and dedication to finding your true calling. And no, it doesn’t have to be writing, cooking, blogging, in fact, it can be anything. So choose your passion and work hard to achieve it.

You get only one life to do what you want and if you keep considering what others will think you may never be able to achieve what you always wanted.

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