How to cope with the loss of a parent

It’s been 2 years since my mother passed away. The weirdest thing is I do not feel as though she has left me. I can still feel her around me, I sometimes call out to her in hopes that her soul may hear me. You see trying to cope with the loss of a parent is a never-ending process. At every step of the way in your life, you will find yourself looking for their support.

Do mother’s really leaving their children’s side ever? Not really! I don’t think mothers leave their children. even beyond the grave, a mother’s maternal instinct keeps their soul calling you out. Whether in dreams or by other ways mothers have a way of reaching out to their children no matter where they may be.

child lovingly holding the elderly hands with compassion, how to cope with the loss of a parent
learn to love and appreciate your parents

Trying to cope with the loss of a parent:

I don’t believe that my parents die. They live inside you, In your memories. They move with you everywhere you go and you can feel their presence always watching over you. You can never lose your parents. Parents NEVER DIE, they only stop living in the world and move to the world far greater and immense than ours, the afterlife.

Are we prepared for afterlife?

This also makes me wonder how many people of my generation do actually prepare for their afterlife. Does the thought even pass the minds that we will die one day and it will be just us in front of God with our deeds? I didn’t, I don’t think the thought passed my mind to plan for my afterlife at all. Not until my mother’s passing. When this incident occurred my own life reflected in front of my eyes and I saw all my wrongdoings and how I cannot go back in the past to change them. All I can do is repent and repent I will.

coping with the loss of my mother

Life’s truth:

Going through the experience of losing someone so dear to me. I have come to the realization that I have not been living my life the way Allah has asked told us to. I have been neglecting the needs of my soul and have been solely satisfying the needs of my body and my nafs or “self”. Now I need to make sure that I live my life the way Allah wants us to and to find pleasure and satisfaction in his will. We are so busy planning our next shopping trip or planning to buy the most expensive products. We don’t spend any time looking into what are we doing for our afterlife. My mother’s death has left me wondering what have I done in my life. What will people say when I pass away.

Take guidance from your maker to grieve the loss of a parent

Make an impact with your behavior:

In my journey of learning, I have also stumbled upon the fact that I have yet to learn to make a good impact on the people I interact with. My mother left me with an exemplary personality to follow in the footsteps of. Now my life’s purpose is to grow closer to my Maker, Allah, and his prophet, Hazrat Muhamad (S.A.W) and follow in the footsteps of these exemplary people. I shall do whatever it takes to be the person my mother can be proud of one day. To sum it all up it is important to gain knowledge on how to lead a life where you are able to impact other people’s lives in a positive way.

my picture with my mom who has passed away  memorable moment for me on my birthday, still trying to cope with the loss of my parent
coping with the loss of a parent

Let’s make a pact today that we shall abide by the moral and religious values set in place not only by society but also by religion. No matter what religion you belong to it’s time to abide by the rules and prepare for the afterlife.

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