How to avoid procrastination and laziness?

I love to take time to do everything leisurely at my own pace. You can call it procrastination or you can call it my pace. This doesn’t mean that I do not procrastinate but I have also learned to avoid procrastination. And this post will show you what methods I use. I love to run at my own pace and most of the time people think of me as a procrastinator. But here’s the catch, my creative spark generates from procrastination. Delaying the process to think, and think openly about the subject at hand.

I use my time wisely to let my creativity shine through. I’ve always sat down to write do one thing and end up doing something completely different because I keep getting distracted. Not because I was looking for a better project rather I found a better subject as I did my research.

No, I don’t intentionally delay anything, it’s more of a leisure thing. I bide my time to spend it according to my methods. For instance, If I have a project submission in three hours. I’ll be spending 1 hour panicking about how I’ll complete it. Second-hour researching to find something to emulate. And then comes the last dreadful hour that I’ll spend writing it.

Let’s talk about how to avoid procrastination?

What people need to understand, when you are trying to work on a project, you will need ample time to research. Find relevant material, understand the look n’ feel and what is the vibe of the brand.

time to avoid procrastination and start getting your work done in time
Avoid Procrastination to stay productive

The Process of Procrastination:

  1. Thinking about the task at hand
  2. Thinking about starting work and delaying doing it
  3. Panicking about time restriction
  4. Final hour – getting to work

This process will remain the same for more or less every person, regardless of what the task may be about. Procrastination is not good for you and it should be avoided at all costs. However, I am merely suggesting that a little indulgence in your thought process can’t be that bad. But then how to avoid procrastination? Here are some techniques on how to stop procrastination,

First of all, don’t label it as procrastination:

You’re not procrastinating as long as you are spending your time wisely, researching and brainstorming. As soon as you label it, your brain accepts the fact that right now we are delaying the task. Labels do matter and your brain carries out each task as the label suggests. Hence break down your process of procrastination and label it carefully to denote that you are not procrastinating.

Think about the value addition:

Think about the value addition gained from the process of procrastination, what benefit you reaped from this process? If there is none then think about it carefully as to why you procrastinated? Instead what you could do is research or discussion with others for better understanding. In some cases, the method of procrastination may be an indulgent process of letting your thought process flow.

Minimize distractions:

For me, one of the biggest problems has always been the distractions. Whenever sitting down to work, I start using my phone or planning a playlist that will be played for the duration, while I’m working. This keeps me constantly distracted. Hence you need to see what behaviors are stopping you from getting your tasks done. once you have a good idea of what things distract you only then can you make the change to move in the direction of getting your work done. Silent your phone or put it on airplane mode if you have to and leave it aside. Don’t take too many long breaks when working, as they tend to be a 5-minute breather that turns into 30 minutes of scrolling on social media.

Time yourself:

It all depends on the fact that you should be able to achieve it within the given time. Set timers or use the Forest: Stay focused app to time your sessions. Or else use the Pomodoro method on YouTube, find lots of motivation from the Pomodoro method. The Pomodoro method is exceptionally helpful in staying focused and working consistently until your task is complete. it also includes small 5 to 10 minute breathers to ensure you do not tire yourself in the process. I personally have used many youtube Pomodoro videos to get many of my tasks done.

Avoid procrastination and live happily:

Evaluate and rate yourself. Did you finish the task in the given period or not? Was the job completed in time? Or did you take unnecessarily long to complete it? You can ensure check and balance for yourself by using to-do list apps on your phone. As I have recently discovered it’s much easier to stay focused with the to-do list apps. I do use some of these and would love to know which ones work for you.

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