how stagnation affect us and our lives

How does stagnation affect our lives?

This post that you are about to read was supposed to go out on the 31st of March. but lazy me didn’t have enough in herself to actually upload one. but here it is. I spoke about how stagnation affects us in this podcast. stagnation has been a reality of our lives and we get stuck in it once in a while. Stagnation is a reality we cannot defeat and I have learned to cope with it somewhat.

4 month long rant Life Inside The Box

It's been 4 months since I have not been recording these podcast and I just wanted to say that I have been going through some stuff and I wanted to get it out and this is the perfect platform to do it so if you want to listen to this and feel like you can share your stories as well feel free to share yours and let me know what you think and this is not a pity party I just wanted to share my current mind set and that's all thank you so much

Stagnation affect and moving on:

Stagnation is a reality we all have to cope with, but I am more curious to know what you all think about stagnation. And how does stagnation affect us? One of the tarot readers I listen to says that we should keep the energy flowing, like going on walks or doing things that we find pleasure in. This is the only way we can find out how stagnation affects us and our mental state.

I’ve shared my personal experience with stagnation in the podcast. Sorry that it is almost 20 minutes long but I couldn’t conclude the subject quickly as there will be left much to be desired. Hence I spoke for as long as I could to truly capture my personal experience with stagnation.

Ruining our mental health

Stagnation also ruins our happiness thought process which I spoke about in this post. We cannot think straight and our mind keeps going back even when we are trying to move in the forward direction. This is what causes issues like depression, insomnia, and stress. When you are unable to follow the cycle of life and do what you want then you become stagnant and confused. This can cause you to procrastinate and delay the work that needs to be done and the loss of motivation over time will hinder your everyday life.

If you really want to hear all about stagnation. Please listen to the podcast and try to figure and help me figure out, how to cope with this sort of mentality.

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Cindy Georgakas
6 months ago

wonderful points we much continue moving forward in our lives. Nie Mehreen! πŸ’–πŸ’–

Cindy Georgakas
6 months ago
Reply to  admin

It’s a pleasure! πŸ’–

4 months ago

Stagnation can have many meanings and consequences in our lives. Be gentle with yourself and know it’s okay for your path to look different than someone else’s.

Daisy Willows
4 months ago

Procrastination is my stagnation & when it becomes too stagnant I feel like my life has be one a pond infected with bilharsia… still & stagnant .
Great motivating post

Daisy Willows
4 months ago

😘😘😘 xx

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