How can we learn to communicate with others?

How do we learn to communicate effectively? There is no easy answer for this.

We as an evolved society have not learned to communicate better thus far. People around us have a tendency to find mistakes in everything we do and demoralize us. They will make mean comments, correct you on everything you say and even give you shut-up calls when it’s not even needed.

Learn to communicate effectively with words not expressions:

What surprises me the most is that people nowadays don’t even bother to say anything. Expressions speak louder than words. These people simply pass you a mean look that makes you feel like you are the worst person on earth.

communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy, and mutual valuing - Rollo May
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Training children to be kind:

Families need to ensure that such behaviors are restricted and should train their children to not foster such kinds of traits. In fact, they should train them to be kind-hearted and attempt to inform them about how to nicely let someone know about what kind of behavior is wrong.

It’s a major part of training your child to learn all these traits. Along with parents, these responsibilities fall on teachers as well to ensure they instill such habits and conduct training on mannerisms.

However, since our society lacks most of these measures the question remains.

How to deal with such situations. When you lose your freedom of speech and the ability to talk freely about anything you ever desire.

Learn to communicate, need of the hour:

The thing that I can talk about from personal experience is that people need to have communication skills. Which allows you the ability to talk and snub the other person in a way that they do not repeat the said behavior.

Personally, I know a few people in my life who have abnormally good people skills and know-how to give a straight or sometimes twisted answer to the other person in a way that hits the mark and serves the point.

While in my case I have been trained to not respond. I basically shut up. Sometimes I do have the right answers in my mind but I do not have the people skills or the communication skills to deliver the message in a way that is well received. In fact, if I do respond it’s labeled as a debate or being argumentative.

Whereas I’m not trying to debate with the people I just want them to understand my point of view. So the negative thoughts they have in their minds about me can be cleared.

Learn to respond:

ive learned that it's not what i have in my life, but who i have in my life - let people learn to communicate effectively learn to communicate with others
learn to communicate effectively with like-minded people

So the answer would be to either toughen up and learn to respond to such situations in a subtle yet strong sentence that delivers the right kind of message.

Or your second option is to become quiet. And let everyone abuse you. Which is not easy trust me. It’s very demoralizing and you begin to lose respect for the person. Your heart begins to hurt and you feel unworthy of respect and love. People can love you yet how they speak to you and their demeanor makes you lose respect for the said people.

Build a healthy personality by standing up:

You will lose self-respect in the long run. in fact your confidence is also diminished in the process. My personal advice at this point is to learn to respect yourself. Practice speaking when spoken to, no need to overshare your thinking process. The whole world doesn’t need to know about your opinions on everything. Especially if you get a negative response. It’s best to speak when spoken to and mind your own business. Interference in other people’s lives will always cause problems for you in the long run so avoid it as much as you can.

Speak to like-minded people:

There are always people who will always listen to you and you will be able to speak your mind with them. Having this kind of people in our lives is a blessing and you must cherish them and respect them. Because not everyone will understand you the way they do. And you won’t ever have the opportunity to speak your mind as you do in front of those people.

What are your thoughts is shutting up better or learning to communicate??

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