Trying to accept and coping with reality

Cope with reality - the journey inside you
Cope with reality – the journey inside you

Coping with reality

Coping with reality is the hardest thing to do in the world to adjust to the reality that you are living in. I can honestly tell you this since I lost my mother in October 2019 so adjusting to the new reality around me was ever so confusing. How does accepting and coping with reality works is a serious question and there is no answer accept moving on.

But life goes on whether you go on with it or not. You can stay depressed and let the world move ahead. While you remain stagnant and wait for the feelings to pass. Alternatively, you can find ways of coping with reality and trying to heal yourself.

Let the feelings flow:

One of the first steps of coping with reality is to let yourself feel the emotions. Letting your feelings show and flow can be a really hard thing.

We learn how not to think about things that upset us, but it is crucial to let your emotions take over once in a while and control you. Flow with the emotions and let them heal you from inside. Feeling the pain and the reality around it helps you move towards acceptance. If you bottle up your emotions you won’t ever be able to let go of the pain.

Go with the flow:

Let yourself follow the routine that your life offers. Sometimes it can be a great healing agent as you let yourself be flow with the routine in your life.

Make time to rest your mind and understand what needs to be done next. I have a practice of writing down the next day’s tasks on a small notepad that I keep with me at all times. It helps me align my tasks for the day and enables me to keep a check on myself as to whether or not am I doing the things of the day. As you let yourself and your mind learn to follow the new routines the acceptance automatically starts to build in your mental space.


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Heal your Heart Chakra:

Understand the power of energy healing, it is the most effective healing process that allows you to heal your mind, soul, and body. Making the bottled-up emotions flow out and heal you.

There are many videos on YouTube that can help you understand how to heal your heart chakra. It takes a lot of emotional strength to pull through and take those vital steps to heal. Once you accept that you need to heal your heart chakra. You are already on the bend for a better tomorrow.

You are allowed:

Cancel the cancel culture and allow yourself to feel the pain that resides in you. Mourn the loss as you feel the pain inside, and you do not have to hide it. You can and should cry, you are allowed to mourn the loss and remember them, their presence in your life. Take the time you need and rest to heal yourself.

Don’t let the world decide when can you take a break and when you can’t. Allow yourself as a human the opportunity to feel free of the bondage of society and let yourself act and move through life freely. Allowing yourself to feel the emotions and knowing that you can and you have every right to have bad days and it’s okay. It is what makes life livable, it makes life beautiful when you can truly feel like you are in control of your life.

Release with Friends:

“What are friends for?” Don’t let pent-up emotions dictate how you feel every day. Share your feelings and thoughts with your friends and share your worries with them to help gain some perspective on life. You are not alone and you never will be, do your best to speak with friends and appeal to their kindness.

Take care of yourself and your worries. Share your burdens with your friends and open up with them to ease the pain that you carry within you.

Take advantage of the fact that you have people around to support you and you don’t have to go through life all alone. It’s a gift to be surrounded by people who can share your burdens and make you feel whole again. So, in times when you are truly unsure of yourself. And how to be happy? Listen to their advice and try to find some solace and peace in their words as they try to comfort you. Having people that offer you support is a blessing and one must not waste that blessing in an attempt to do it all by yourself.

Fear of letting go (FOLO):

Yes, you have heard of FOMO, fear of missing out, fear of letting go also exists. And is a much worse form of fear than we have ever encountered.

Not only have we become unable to let go of the hurt. Instead, we seek it out. While we have become so accustomed to feeling that much pain and hurt. That anything good heading our way makes us step back and question its legitimacy. The thought is that you have become so accustomed to feeling sad or feeling angry. That you have grown a tendency to stop yourself from feeling happy or feeling peace. You seek out problems in your life and stress about them. Making a big deal about these small issues, so that happiness you felt, doesn’t make its way back into your life.

Let go of FOLO:

It’s time to allow yourself to be happy. You must try your best to live every moment as it may never return and it will never return. Let go of these fears, there is so much in this world to do, you are not doing anyone any favors by holding on to your own fears.

As a human being, you are just as normal as any other person. Which allows you to have good days or bad days.

You are allowed to take time off to heal your mind, body and soul.


You are allowed to take a breather and let the emotions flow. Similarly, you are allowed to be happy. Let yourself accept the abundance that is making its way to you. Let yourself feel the happiness that resides around you and let go of the hate and fear. Change your mentality and move towards acceptance rather than hate and disagreement. You have the right to feel the love surrounding you. You have the right to feel happiness. Hence, accept the love that surrounds you and learn to accept happiness and abundance.

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