An Empath’s Journey

I decided to name my welcome note “An empath’s journey” because that’s how I see life. Life by Mehreen is my way of sharing things in life and behaviors that can help you become better. These little things will help you enjoy your life better. People define themselves as Type A or Type B, I define myself as a moody person.

My life as an empath’s journey:

As an empath, I draw everyone’s energy and drain my own. This makes it very hard to stay happy. However, deep down somewhere I am an outgoing and fun-loving person. However, sadly that part of me is buried very deep inside me now. This doesn’t however change the fact that I am a party-loving, outgoing person who is hungry for fun & excitement. That part of me has always been more active than all the others which is why I have always been kind of unable to prepare and plan my life.

An Empath’s Journey

Life journey

Somehow I ended up doing whatever everyone wanted me to do. To be fair there was never a point in my life where I knew what I’ll be or what I wanted to be. Most children grow up knowing exactly what they want to be, doctors, engineers, or scientists even. I however had no idea what I wanted to be.

The emapth here, sharing life hacks and stories
Life By Mehreen

However, my lack of interest in studies and my job made me lose interest in anything I did. In my pursuit to find something that I not only connected with, but felt passionate about, and that got me excited, I picked up the pen and paper.

The beginning

Sharing my writing on Instagram I found a community of people who were supportive and appreciative. This brought me back to my roots. The love for writing. and before I knew it I took a course from LUMS on journalism and writing. Since then I have been writing and learning to get better at it constantly. Now it’s my full-time job to write content and my next goal is to write my own blog and make it a success.

Even though my Instagram account is a pretty amazing space, there was something missing and I believe this will be that one-stop-shop for all who want to catch up with me and see my content.

So Cheers to new beginnings and crazy adventures.

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Cherie White
7 months ago

Wonderful article! I can relate to such of it!

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