About Me

Hi, Welcome to Life By Mehreen.

You must be wondering why this name, well the answer is simple I love talking about life. Life means different things to all of us. For me, life is everything under the sun. Meaning this website is going to be about anything and everything that you fancy.

We can talk about any subject that you want. Such as food, travels, weddings, seasons, flowers, decorations, and whatnot.

There is no limit to what can be and cannot be discussed on this website. But first, let’s answer the question why am I here?

I have what some people might call a curious mind. I like to ask to google everything and anything. Hence, my aim is to provide a place where everything is answered in a structured way.

We all are used to asking questions in Quora. And taking the advice provided very seriously, I have done so myself as well. But there came a time when I got tired of asking questions. instead, I decided to start answering them.

My extensive research into each subject allows me to talk about all the different things in life. And I will do my best to tackle all the subjects with as much depth as needed.

About Me

A little about me:

time to know about me, I come from a simple family with a simple living. I have traveled to Malaysia as part of a student exchange program while studying MBA. I have completed my BBA Hons from Lahore School of Economics. All this led me to work in an event management agency in Lahore.

Where I gained a lot of experience of how things work in the market. The operations side of things along with the client servicing and strategy management. I worked in the event management company for 6 years. During my 6th year in the company, I decided to opt for a course on Content writing in LUMS. Another one of the big universities in Lahore, Pakistan.

Once I completed my course, COVID 19 happened and everything went on lockdown. The company shut down and a lot of people found themselves without jobs. Hence I ventured into content writing, finding jobs through Facebook groups.

Before the course from LUMS, I was writing poetry for my Instagram. Along with doing a lot of creative writing on the PowerPoint presentations that were presented to the clients.

During the first lockdown, I started taking both Upwork and Fiverr seriously. Regardless I ended up wanting to have my own blog. Today I can proudly say that I have gained enough knowledge about writing, that I can provide high-quality content.

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing.

Waiting to hear your feedback!

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